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Writing is a new skill that I started developing in 2021 through the National Youth Theatre.

Since learning more about the craft I have started writing plays, short-film scripts, as well as commissioned bespoke showreel scenes, and commercials. 

Muro di cemento

when I wake up

Tina has a nightmare that will help her move on with her life. 

This debut short film has been done on a 0£ budget, shot on iPhone and it's currently on its festival run. 

just sayin'

Cat has just arrived in Barcelona and she’s finally ready to meet the perfect guy - but when she begins volunteering with the local homeless community she starts to question if maybe there really is more to life than love. As she juggles work, romance, and new friendships, Cat’s touching journey highlights the trials of emigration, loneliness, homelessness, and the vital importance of friendship.

This one-act, one-woman show has toured in 2022 the Brighton Fringe, the Camden Fringe and the Chichester Fringe.

everything theatre
London pub theatres
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Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 19.50.01.png

From drama to comedy, showreel scenes are extremely fun to write because they give me chance to work on a huge amount of different characters for scenes from 1 to 5 minutes long.

bespoke showreels

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