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Just sayin'

Just Sayin' is a piece of new writing that will premiere on the fringe circuit in 2022. This one woman show inspired by a true story will take you to the wonderful place of Barcelona and will introduce you to Cat, a young woman who's finally ready to find her perfect boyfriend and the perfect relationship, but in her quest ends up finding something completely different.

cast & Crew

Writer and Performer - Tina Zucco

Director - Lara Cosmetatos

Producer - Sian Elissa

Designer - Theodora Crocker

Press and Publicity - Alessia Malpangotti


BRIGHTON: World Debut - 28th May 1.45pm @ The Rotunda Theatre: Squeakfor the Brighton Fringe

BRIGHTON: 29th May 3.15pm @ The Rotunda Theatre: Squeak for the Brighon Fringe

LONDON: TBC for the Camden Fringe

Pomeriggio soleggiato

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Just Sayin' can really use your help!

Sharing our social media pages, telling everyone about our show dates and coming to see the show, all helps us ensure that our show reaches as big an audience as possible. Beside sharing and coming to see the show, you could also help us by donating to our crowdfunding page by clicking on the link below, which will take you to our IndieGogo campaign.

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